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I have a Dream!

OK, now I have your attention I want to let you in on a project I am undertaking. Seeing as further education is now behind me and I’m left with the bitter taste of having done the wrong degree, I figured it was time to do what I want in life, even if it is the hard way.

After 4 years of Television Production and 2 years of Games Design and Production Management at uni, my bank account finally snapped and forced me to get a normal job. While my bank is happier, my brain is slowly falling out of my nose.

The Plan!

Plans are fun, especially when it’s plans that could change your life, or at least make it more interesting, or even just plans to acquire food can be a great way to spend an evening. Assuming you actually get the food and don’t just plan to for hours until you realise it’s time for bed and your inability to choose between pizza and Indian for 6 hours means that everywhere is closed and you’ll be forced to eat custard creams for dinner… Again.

But this isn’t about that! This blog is about my goal to learn how to become a Game Designer by making games. It seems so simple, and probably a plan I should have had all along, but as someone who cries at code this is a big step.  The scene is inspired by my trip to California last year with my awesome girlfriend where we climbed Mount Whitney.

Now as I am currently working 40 hours a week, progress is slow, but promising!

Lightmapping From HELL!

My newest goal is lightmapping. I left uni just before we learned it, so you can imagine the look of astonishment and anger when I found out that it was a thing.  It’s more irritating because after hours of churning out low poly assets relatively quickly, productivity has halted while I figure out how to map UV’s.

I’m on the right track but as I said, newbie.

Next Steps.

As I’ve said about my battle with lightmapping, I also have to get some nice lighting on the go. To do this I have to edit the sky sphere etc. Then I need to add the camera to a rigged body, or at least the simulation of one, and I also want to add some extra detail to the scene. But one step at a time and I know it’s just a simple scene, but to have something I’ve made by myself with help from various incredible YouTube guru’s is an amazing feeling and cements the feeling that I am on the right track.

One thought on “Game Dev Blog

  1. Hugo

    You don’t need proper UV maps for lightmaps. Let a program split the model on every edge and place the triangles and quads in a nice layout without overlapping. You only need the classic connected UV maps for manual texturing.


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