Untitled Space Game


What is it?

What I wanted to do with this game was create a Tactical RPG game with inspiration being drawn from games like Rogue Galaxy, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and major story inspiration from Firefly.

What I love.

I love games that really immerse you in the life of the character, even during the tedious parts of their life. Maybe it’s a form of escapism but living a fantastical life in an impossible world is so liberating, and having the means to do that in a game has always been a goal of mine.

Now there are games like Minecraft that give you almost unlimited freedom, and that’s great! But, it’s not the same as being a tiny part of a bigger world where you might not matter in the greater scale of things. which brings me to the scope of the game I want to design.species

The dangers of Scope!

Too often in games you are saving the world. Now that isn’t the case for every game, and I’m not saying it doesn’t bring in it’s audiences, but in my opinion the best stories are the ones you can relate to easily. Now there is no reason why you can’t have an epic space adventure where you relate to the characters on a basic level, where your real life experiences are mirrored in an extraordinary setting, and that is what I want to make.

RPG Maker to the rescue!

Isn’t it great? So simple for people like me who are just awful at coding to at least get the bare bones of a game together. The only problem is that it doesn’t have the option to create a Tactical RPG, just a classic Side-Battle game. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

All I have created to date is over a dozen maps and I have a basic idea of a prologue of sorts to the game. The trouble is to make it interesting I need custom sprites for the enemies, and the tilesets AND the weapons. That’s time I just don’t have right now! Especially when I really want to make a different genre. So maybe I’ll come back to this when a good TRPG mod comes out for RPG Maker MV. If you find one let me know!

Until then, enjoy a gallery of some of the works I’ve done on the game so far. (The Paper Prototype was the most fun I’ve ever had with Sharpies.)



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