Blog Post #3



As you can imagine, I couldn’t get the lightmapping to work. So like any good designer (I hope) It was time to re-design this game to something I can actually make, or attempt to make if it doesn’t work out.

Step One!

As you can see, quick sketches are my calling in life. I decided to go much simpler with the design for my level by making it 2D instead of 3D and also using sprites and not 3D models until I can master the lighting.

As before with a small Flash game I made, I used Manga Studio for the line art and temporary colour while I got to grips with Unity’s interface and scene editor. Unity itself seems more bare bones than Unreal, but still familiar enough that once you know where tabs and buttons are, you can make a pretty good effort and creating a scene without too much help.

Step 2!

Step 2 was concept art. To be able to show people what I was planning to make and to help myself visualize it, I used the art I had made in Manga Studio to create a mock-up screenshot for the game. The graphics I created were simple trees put on separate layers to create a dense forest, and then between the foreground and background I placed a solid black layer and turned the opacity down to give the feeling of depth and to add to the nighttime scene.

Forest Game Concept 2 (1)

I have no idea how to tackle the lighting in the actual game. Whether I should try to emulate my current example and have a transparent layer act as the torchlight or to use Unity’s in game light objects to shine light on the sprites, if that’s even possible as they are 2D. But I will cross that bridge later.

Step 3!

Time to import! Once I had imported all of the images in to Unity and arranged them in the scene editor, I noticed that if I wanted depth in the game and parallaxing backgrounds, I’d need redraw the sprites I had created to include the ground at different distances, otherwise it just looks like random trees are floating due to the angle of the camera.

What’s Next?

Now I’m looking in to using pixel art instead of drawn sprites, as I have recently found a great website for creating and animating them instantly called Piskel. So, now I have set myself the task of creating a running character for the game, and then seeing if I can make him move. Here’s a fire.Fire (2)


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