Tactical RPG Progression


I’m looking for help!

So, if you have read my blog you’ll be aware that I was hoping one day to make a Tactical RPG set in space, but where the crews story was the main focus. Well, I just can’t stop thinking of new ideas for it and I figured why wait? Oh yeah that’s right, lack of knowledge and experience. But if Trump won’t let that stop him, then why should I?

Realistic Scale

Now I’m not going to make the rookie mistake of completely over estimating what is possible, just last week I saw a post from a 13 year-old looking for help making a game similar to the Division… Good luck with that. No, what I want to do is make a prequel to the full game that I eventually hope to make. If I can get it to work, be fun and make the player want more then I have won. That is when I will be able to look at funding such as crowd-sourcing etc. as well as putting the demo on steam.



While the narrative and setting will be what makes this game stand out, what I have been focusing on is the gameplay. The classes, the attacks, attack range, equipment, enemies, advancement, balancing! It’s a lot to think about, and again when I look at what’s achievable, I know that I will have to write down what I want to make, and then put that on the back-burner while I get the most basic of gameplay down. Then I  can add crafting, summons etc etc.

Space Screenshot 4


So, this prologue I am looking to make is pretty much planned out, I have a basic narrative for it, what classes and enemies I want to use (4 classes and 5 enemies). These will have limited levels and not much customization as this will only really serve as a demo of what’s to come. For gameplay I want the classic Final Fantasy Tactics-esque isometric battles, but the art style is still up for debate (which means a big opportunity for you to express your creativity). Battles will be classic move – attack/items – end turn. Outside of battle I am wanting to have a series of maps that connect to create larger worlds, which will eventually be used to create the planets the crew can visit.


Where you come in!

Like you, I have no money so this will be on a split rev/for the xp kinda deal. What I’d ideally have is an artist that is particularly good at pixel art, for the environments and characters and a coder to implement it in the chosen engine (probably Unity 5 or RPG Maker MV if you can write the script for a TRPG). I can help with a bit of everything as I have a basic knowledge of unity and what can be done, and I have basic art skills. I will also draw mock-ups of levels and basic concept art, and do all of the paperwork, promotion, character bios/stats and all that jazz. Until I have people who are willing to help I will just be tackling this alone until either my hair falls out or I am a game development genius.


Before I dive fully in to this project I will be creating the design document as fully as I can this week so we have something to work to instead of loose ideas that float around and confuse everyone. That should take me up to Ludum Dare this weekend and then it’s full steam ahead! If you are interested in being a part of something fun, inventive and hopefully popular, get in touch with me and send me a small example of your work, no matter what it is @ harryforde@googlemail.com


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