Blog Post #5 – Astraeus GDD


It’s Alive! Well, complete… sort of.

After a very intensive weekend I finally managed to pool the ideas and concepts I’ve been working on for 9 months in to one document. No longer will I have to search through folders and notepads to find out what I called that guy once. In the essence of readability, I decided to make it a PowerPoint presentation so it’s not a huge wall of text that no one wants to read. Plus I can put example images in which will clarify my ideas for the game.


It’s all here!

As far as game design documents go, this is by far the most comprehensive document I’ve ever created. But, it still has a lot of work to go in to it, and obviously, most of the information will probably change, but hopefully it will at least serve as a good starting off point. The only information I haven’t included is the programming information as apart from knowing that I want it to be in C# and Unity, how it is implemented is up to the developers discretion.



Now the document itself covers the entire game, which is not what I am wanting to make right away. I feel that the game wont be made unless I receive funding in one way or another, so I’m proposing that we make a prologue to the game that will consist of about 1-2 hours worth of gameplay. This will include the opening tutorials (which are written in to the story), the first mission and one side quest. It’ll also have limited features with only one or two mission types, but enough to give the player a feel for the style of the game and a taster of the story. Then, once we have (hopefully successfully) completed the funding campaign, it can be full steam ahead to finish. Once the basics of the gameplay mechanics are in place, it’s really just a case of repeating these around a narrative.


Next Step!

So as the search for a team continues, I am just tacking some very basic character animations and will try and get the exploration element of the game set up in Unity to try and generate more interest from possible collaborators, plus I could use the practice. So the vibe is very optimistic, despite some setbacks recruiting members.

Battle Map

Get In touch!

If you would like to help out I am still looking for 1 or 2 Unity developers and possibly a 3D Artist/Animator (I can do it but I’m not a master or anything), or would like to have a read of the GDD, let me know here or by sending an email to


Have a good one and I’ll see you around!



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