Development, Start!


Where we are now!

So, it’s been a while since the last update, but I have a team assembled now and the construction of the demo is underway! We have a Programmer, UI Designer/Artist, Sound Designer/Composer and myself, doing 3D modelling and animation. Right now, after a couple of iterations of the GDD, (one of which removed the exploration due to pacing issues) we have a solid idea of what will be included in the demo to properly show off some of the interesting features of the game, and currently we are working on the very basics of the battle system including the grid and player selection.

Arrow Screenshot 1


So yeah, the exploration mixed with encounters that lead to TRPG battles just wouldn’t work. Or at least the pacing would be way off, as at the beginning of each battle you must select which team members will be in the battle. That added to the lack of chances to change up your characters equipment in anticipation of specific battles would just get annoying. Initially I was wanting to have the battle encounters to be similar to Persona 4 where there are physical triggers to the battles moving around the Overworld that the player could choose to ignore, but even in Persona, the battles are a lot quicker than grid-based battles so it still wouldn’t work. So the alternative is to have a series of maps similar to that of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics with nodes that the player moves between.

hoplite concept

New Animation Pipeline.

So I discovered that my Qubicle – Maya – Unity Pipeline is much easier if I add a fourth program to the beginning of the sequence. So now, I first do initial designs in Piskel, which is much easier when conceiving concepts rather than going straight to 3D as if I can’t figure out a design I like in 3D on the first go, I get very impatient and end up playing Fallout in a bad mood to calm down.


Look It!

So, here are some of the characters I’ve made so far. Eight playable characters, two enemies for now and one map (which isn’t lit correctly so it looks dull just now) Hope you enjoy!

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