Dev Blog #7 UI-E-I-O



So the time has come for another update. Things are progressing nicely, all playable characters are complete for the demo (there will be like 40 in the main game but for the demo 8 will do) I’ll need to start posting some gifs of the animations but I need to find something to make them with. (Suggestions?)

Next up for the animation side of things is getting some of the particle effects together and assigned to certain moves, and then after that I need to model the enemies and animate them too. Way too much work.


U & I

So, the dreaded UI. At first I was very conflicted about what style I wanted, I wanted it to be cool, sort of like Persona 4 and Jet Set Radio. I wanted it to show that these characters you are following in space aren’t completely high-tech, they are more of a rag-tag bunch than a well-oiled machine, and I needed it to fit the aesthetic of the character models which are very stylized and colourful.


So after a few false starts I found my colour style, a sort of Cyber-Punk Persona vibe, so bold fluorescent colours on black backgrounds to help them stand out against the background. The shapes were all sharp and slightly out of line to give a (excuse the use of the word) ‘funky’ feel.


Space Madness!

So that was all going nicely, then the spanner in the works came. A fantastic song sample by our Audio Designer which had a much more 80’s synth feel, suddenly meant that the team felt we should go on a more ‘Neon’ style with the UI to match the music. So after a brief bit of research I have started to remake the UI to fit this new direction.


As you can see it’s a lot more basic, with dark colour menus and neon highlights. This more of a conventional Sci-Fi look, but the game isn’t a conventional Sci-Fi game, so I am still uncertain about which design I prefer, although my team is on Team Neon.


What’s Next?

Next up for me is finishing both sets of UI so I can have a fair evaluation of both, plus completing the other 3 battle maps so we can see what design fits in with varying terrain and colour schemes. Soon after that it will be time to start up pages on Kickstarter and Greenlight and hopefully get some attention for Astraeus so any advice on that would be much appreciated.

More to come soon!


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