December Update



I haven’t done one of these in a while but don’t worry, we are still all working away on Astraeus., So, what’s new? Well, the UI is really coming along, I have now settled on the Neon/Sci-fi style for the game as it makes more sense aesthetically, and also I just couldn’t get the more graffiti-esque style to look nice enough. Because that style has more sharp edges going off in every direction, it was really imposing on the screen and frame it. So with this new style it creates a neat border and makes more sense at it is a game about space etc.


I still have the splash screens to do, which will be a 3D animated scene really, the logo/title and also all of the small symbols that represent Fire, Water, Poison etc, which is going to take up quite a lot of time.

Next Up, Animation!

This has been a much slower process as I decided I should probably learn the proper way to animate models, instead of just parenting and rotating which is what I have been doing for the last few months. So I took a Udemy course on setting up Skeletal Rigs and after 4 long days I think I have it! (Weight-painting aside). To begin with I made a FK/IK rig for some stock demon you are given with the course.


This took the longest amount of time as I had never done this before at all, and didn’t even know what Set Driven Keys were, but eventually I got to a stage where the whole thing was connected and oriented correctly with control curves. But, then I got bored of this model so I figured I should apply it to my game. And seeing as my characters are really complex enough to need IK handles, it would be a simpler job too. So first I made one of my characters a rig with simple control curves.



So when I create or redo new characters now, I can just disconnect the mesh and reconnect the new one as they all have similar, if not identical dimensions. Oh just think of the time this could have saved when I animated 10 different characters. Oh well, I’ll probably end up redoing them anyway as I keep getting better at things which makes my first attempt look awful.


Stage 2

So after successfully rigging one of my characters, I decided to have a go at one model I have been avoiding like the plague. Mainly because I wouldn’t be happy unless all of the armour plates moves in a ripple like way, and before I did the animation course the only way I could imagine doing it was one at a time. But, now I had the knowledge of set driven keys so I have connected groups of the plates/spikes to these drivers and I can now move them one set at a time to create the effect I’m looking for, next up, actually animating the whole thing, and then I have 5 more monsters to go…


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