January Update



This has already been a very busy year for me, I am moving to Toronto in February and I have been working on 3 projects in the meantime to help my CV really pop, or at least, sparkle a little bit. So let’s “Dive on in”.

Astraeus Update

Progress has been a little slow as we are all finally getting back in to the swing of things after Christmas and New Year, but we have almost completed the dastardly task of getting the character selection that occurs at the beginning of each battle functioning. As you can see there are still a few tweaks to be made, including some arrows at the sides of the character selection bar and some arrows that appear after the character has been placed that let the player choose which direction the character faces, as the direction of attack impacts on damage dealt/taken.



Additional Characters

I have also started working on some extra characters as the final game will have just under 40 unique classes, and although I have the basics of their skill sets completed, and the details of what weapons and races are associated with which class, I am still trying to define the aesthetics of these classes. As it is voxel based I am lucky in a way as I have given myself a pretty strict template to conform to when it comes to shape and movement of these characters, but I feel I may struggle to keep the ideas feeling fresh further down the line.

(They aren’t the same size or in sync, doesn’t that drive you crazy?!)

That being said, these three new characters are some of my favourite designs so far. This is assuming that the game ever goes in to full production and these characters actually get a chance to be implemented, but hey, I am an optimist, and pretty patient so even if it takes 10 years, this game will get completed eventually.


UI Design

In other news, I discovered a great application for quickly mocking up interactive prototypes for my UI designs, called WireFrame Pro, which is such a relief as it has been 3 years since I used Adobe Flash and I cannot for the life of me remember how I did anything in it. It’s quite nice to get some instant gratification while working on this game as most things don’t really come together until much further down the line.



VR Game

Finally, I have been working with a very nice gentleman called Andrew on his VR Game he is making in Unity. I have been creating the low poly 3D assets and the look he was going for was “LSD Forest”. I have to say I am quite happy with how it is coming along, of course he will be changing the layout of these assets, I have just made a small scene to help show off what I made. I have also discovered that 3D Coat makes UV texturing so much easier than Maya. So, y’know, little victories.



Well I hope you all enjoy the progress and if you have any questions, want to help out or want to be my Toronto friend, get in touch!



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