June Update


We’re back to work!

So this update has been a long time in the making, as I felt like I’d need to show of some serious progress as it took me so long to get settled in Toronto. So, let’s get started!

attack select

Gameplay Progress

So first off, the gameplay is coming together now. Most of the attacks that will appear in the demo have been implemented and are now almost fully functional. There are a few bugs we are working on but the progress is looking very promising. The attack animation timings and effects still haven’t been started on, but the damage calculation, attack/move ranges, and move sets are looking great. Especially considering we have a lot of support/control type classes in the game which will make use of movement based skills, such as teleportation.

Cursor Gif

Another great development is that now the character selection screen now leads on to the battle itself so we can finally do some very basic playtesting to find out what needs to be added and if there are and gamebreaking design issues.

attack cancel

New Monsters!

So now that we are back in the swing of things, I have had to get back to modelling and animating everything that is left to do for our demo release. So first off we have a stone wolf as a Freki, they will come in different varieties but this is the sand version.


Next up is the Maurr, which is based off of the most evil beings in existence, wasps. And I’m sure you will hate them in the game as much as in real life.


Bandit Troubles!

Meet General Admission and his group of Politically Correct Bandits. They will kill you and steal from you, but will make it painfully obvious that their attack was random and has nothing to do with your social or economic standing, this has led to some very poor hauls like when they robbed a homeless shelter to prove they don’t single out the wealthy for their attacks.


This group aren’t the main antagonists in the game, more of a bridge between the crew of the Astraeus and the real villain who is still to be revealed!


Help Wanted!

So, we are in need of a composer as ours is unable to continue working for us due to a meteoric rise to fame. So composers and sound designers, get in touch!

We would also greatly benefit from an animator as the workload is starting to pile up and that would really the pressure off so I can continue with the modelling, UI design, writing and game design. Too many jobs.


Stay tuned for more updates!



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