Tactical RPG Progression


I’m looking for help!

So, if you have read my blog you’ll be aware that I was hoping one day to make a Tactical RPG set in space, but where the crews story was the main focus. Well, I just can’t stop thinking of new ideas for it and I figured why wait? Oh yeah that’s right, lack of knowledge and experience. But if Trump won’t let that stop him, then why should I? Continue reading

Dev Blog Post #2


Lightmapping Hell!

As I’m sure all of you experienced game makers are aware, lighting isn’t as easy as you’d expect it to be. When making 3D model assets, the actual modelling of the object isn’t even 50% of the work. What takes most of your time, effort and patience is unwrapping UV’s for texturing and light maps. Well, guess who didn’t know lightmaps existed… That’s right, this so-called Game Designer. What you are about to read is a chronicle of my descent in to madness. Continue reading