Dev Blog #7 UI-E-I-O



So the time has come for another update. Things are progressing nicely, all playable characters are complete for the demo (there will be like 40 in the main game but for the demo 8 will do) I’ll need to start posting some gifs of the animations but I need to find something to make them with. (Suggestions?) Continue reading

Blog Post #5 – Astraeus GDD


It’s Alive! Well, complete… sort of.

After a very intensive weekend I finally managed to pool the ideas and concepts I’ve been working on for 9 months in to one document. No longer will I have to search through folders and notepads to find out what I called that guy once. In the essence of readability, I decided to make it a PowerPoint presentation so it’s not a huge wall of text that no one wants to read. Plus I can put example images in which will clarify my ideas for the game.


Continue reading