December Update



I haven’t done one of these in a while but don’t worry, we are still all working away on Astraeus., So, what’s new? Well, the UI is really coming along, I have now settled on the Neon/Sci-fi style for the game as it makes more sense aesthetically, and also I just couldn’t get the more graffiti-esque style to look nice enough. Because that style has more sharp edges going off in every direction, it was really imposing on the screen and frame it. So with this new style it creates a neat border and makes more sense at it is a game about space etc. Continue reading

Dev Blog #7 UI-E-I-O



So the time has come for another update. Things are progressing nicely, all playable characters are complete for the demo (there will be like 40 in the main game but for the demo 8 will do) I’ll need to start posting some gifs of the animations but I need to find something to make them with. (Suggestions?) Continue reading

Development, Start!


Where we are now!

So, it’s been a while since the last update, but I have a team assembled now and the construction of the demo is underway! We have a Programmer, UI Designer/Artist, Sound Designer/Composer and myself, doing 3D modelling and animation. Right now, after a couple of iterations of the GDD, (one of which removed the exploration due to pacing issues) we have a solid idea of what will be included in the demo to properly show off some of the interesting features of the game, and currently we are working on the very basics of the battle system including the grid and player selection.

Continue reading